The Porphyrins. Structure and Synthesis, Part A by David Dolphin

By David Dolphin

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79 Even more interesting than the history of Thudichum's preparations is the intemperate "explosive" reaction which followed his report. 78 This merits comment. 80 However, he "appropriated" Thudichum's cruentine by renaming it hematoporphyrin. 81 Why the slanderous, violent reaction, which went far beyond the polemical disputes, then current ? Was this a case of the great, yet insecure ? " A Führer in the area of hemoglobin, it pleased him to have their papers begin or end with an implied "Heil Hoppe" !

P. Holis (on structure and reactions of (green) heme a and cytochrome c oxidase; isolation of heme a by a new procedure), p. 25 2 2 3 - 2 2 5 ; R. Lemberg (on chemical structure of heme ä)226~229 ; T. E. King, F. C. Yong, and S. Takemori (on interactions of heme a with polyamino acids and proteins), p. 83 2 3 0 ; V. E. Shashoua (on magneto-optical rotation spectra (MOR spectra) of hemoglobin), p. 93 2 3 1 ; J. Keilin (on binding of nitrogenous bases to myoglobin, and production of "twin hemochromogens"), p.

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