Resurrection by Tim Curran

By Tim Curran

The rain is falling and the lifeless are emerging. it all started at an ultra-secret govt laboratory. Experiments in limb regeneration-an unspeakable union of Medieval alchemy and leading edge genetics bring about the very germ of horror itself: a gene set off that might reanimate lifeless tissue...any useless tissue. Now it is unfastened. it really is long gone viral. it truly is within the rain. And the rain has now not stopped falling for weeks. because the nation floods and corpses go with the flow within the streets, as towns are submerged, the evil lifeless are emerging. and they're hungry. restricted version 666 web page Hardback Strictly constrained to 500 copies. unencumber Date: Halloween

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Push her back in,” Tommy said, not trying to be funny, just absolutely offended by her…or it. And it almost looked like the deputies were considering it. She was looking up at Mitch with those terrible eyes, her lower jaw pulling to the side in what might have been a grin had she any skin or lips around her mouth. He felt his stomach flip over as something like an oily black teardrop rolled from one of her eyes. Rain streaked down her face. Look at the way she’s dressed, he thought, the remains of that shirt.

He jabbed it a couple more times and it did not move. Then he prodded the palm and the entire arm flexed obscenely and the hand grabbed the axe handle. Not just grabbed, but held on tightly. He could see the tendons straining at the wrist. He was horrified, yet fascinated. It could not be alive, not really. This was some grotesque reflexive action and nothing more. He tried to shake it loose, but it held. At least for a moment or two, then it relaxed and thudded to the floor. Mitch just stared at it.

But now it had burst its banks and then burst them again, had to be an easy six feet deep. As they got nearer, Mitch could smell a dank sewer smell and then something far worse…the stink of a dead dog that had burst open with gassy decay and maggots. It’s another one, isn’t? he started thinking. Another dead thing that ain’t exactly dead? ” Tommy called out. One of the cops turned and looked at them. His eyes were wide and his lips were trembling. He looked angry, sickened. ” There was a body lodged in the ribbed mouth of the culvert and they were pulling it out.

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