Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, by Leo A. Paquette

By Leo A. Paquette

There are various books on hand in regards to the chemistry and biology of sulfur. notwithstanding, this can be the 1st booklet with a compilation of all proper Sulfur containing reagents. man made chemists, such a lot rather within the medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists, are usually referred to as upon to arrange compounds that comprise Sulfur as a key structural function. long ago, this a website for experts; at the present time each man made chemist operating in those zone is anticipated to synthesize compounds containing sulfides, sulfates, sulfones, and so forth. This booklet deals a big resource of data for the choice and dealing with of definitely the right reagents.

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Stadnichuk, M. ; Kryukova, T. ; Petrov, A. , Zh. Obshch. Khim. 1975, 45, 838. Vasin, V. ; Bolusheva, I. ; Chernyaeva, L. ; Tanaseichuk, B. ; Surmina, L. ; Zefirov, N. , Zh. Org. Khim. 1990, 26, 1509. , Chem. Ber. 1976, 109, 2315. CF3O3S/h89H;/q+1;-1 InChIKey = IWYHWZTYVNIDAE-ZJHSAWQHCT (example of a series of closely related reagents serving as promoters for condensation of a nucleoside phosphoramidite and a nucleoside/nucleotide, constructing internucleotide linkage1−5 ) Physical Data: mp 188–190 ◦ C; density unknown.

23 O S N 1. MeOTf, MeNO2 2. NaBPh4 1 OMe OMe O OBn O B O O BnO S O HO 1, Tf2O, TTBP BPh4 (10) CO2Et (11) O 32 27 CH2Cl2, −60 °C B O O BnO O SPh 26 CO2Et OMe OBn O O 2. 32 H2O, Me2CO O O 1. NaH, DME 33 Δ OMe O O 28 OBn O HO HO BnO CO2Et OMe O O O Me (8) Related Reagents. 1 The standard BSP/Tf2 O/TTBP reagent combination activates selenoglycosides in a manner analogous to thioglycosides. 1 O O BnO + 34 O 29 Ph N 1. , J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2001, 123, 9015. 2. , Org. Lett. 2000, 2, 4067. 3. , Synthesis 2001, 323.

Stachel, S. , Tetrahedron Lett. 1993, 34, 6209. (l) Bregant, T. ; Little, R. , J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1994, 116, 3635. (m) Ott, G. ; Heathcock, C. , Org. Lett. 1999, 1, 1475. ; Vicic, D. ; McIntosh, M. , Org. Lett. 2003, 5, 1039. (o) Sammis, G. ; Flamme, E. ; Ho, D. ; Sorensen, E. , J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2005, 127, 8612. Myers, A. , Tetrahedron Lett. 1996, 37, 4841. ; Siegel, D. , Angew. , Int. Ed. 2006, 45, 5859. Myers, A. , J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1997, 119, 8572. (mild sulfonating agent; useful for the preparation of sulfonamides, sulfones, and sulfonate esters) Physical Data: mp 65–80 ◦ C; 88–91 ◦ C after recrystallization from ether.

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