Die Rad-Und Vollketten-Zugmaschinen des Deutschen Heeres by Walter J SPIELBERGER


Die Rad-Und Vollketten-Zugmaschinen Des Deutschen Heeres 1871-1945: Band 10 Der Reihe Militarfahrzeuge

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Barnett, C. (1986) The Audit of War: the Illusion and Reality of Britain as a Great Nation, London: Macmillan. Bartrip, P. W. J. and Fenn, P. T. (1988) 'Factory fatalities and regulation in Britain 1878-1913', Explorations in Economic History 25: 60-74. Baumol, W. J. (1982) 'Contestability: an uprising in the theory of industrial structure', American Economic Review, 72: 1-15. Bean, R. and Peel, D. A. (1976) 'Business Activity, labour organisation and industrial disputes in the United Kingdom, 1892-1938', Business History, 18: 205-11.

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