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Publishing in the Republic of Letters: The Menage-Gr?vius-Wetstein Correspondence 1679-1692 (Studies in the History in the Low Countries 6)

This booklet prints for the 1st time amazing interlocking sequences of letters among Paris and the Netherlands: forty letters from Gilles M? nage in Paris to Johann-Georg Gr? vius in Utrecht, and 30 from the printer Henrik Wetstein, in Amsterdam, to M? nage. Their crucial concentration is the booklet of a lot of M?

Egypt and American Foreign Assistance 1952-1956: Hopes Dashed

Extraordinary in its use of Egyptian authentic assets, this booklet sheds new gentle at the problems and demanding situations of a nascent dating characterised through neglected possibilities, combined messages, and mutual frustrations. Alterman compellingly exhibits how the pursuits of the U. S. and Egypt diverged to undermine this early American try out at monetary guidance for Egyptian improvement.

Reinterpreting the End of the Cold War: Issues, Interpretations, Periodizations (Cass Series: Cold War History)

Because the actions of people, organisations, and international locations more and more ensue in our on-line world, the protection of these actions is changing into a becoming situation. Political, financial and army leaders needs to deal with and decrease the extent of probability linked to threats from antagonistic states, malevolent nonstate actors similar to prepared terrorist teams or person hackers, and high-tech injuries.

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1-59). The Salankayana dynasty of the Gupta period may bear a tribal name; the tribe existed (Kasika on Pan. 114) and has brahmin gotras in the Bhrgus, Visvamitras, and Agastis, the wide divergence being suggestive of such tribal contact; but the connection between tribe and dynasty should be traced, directly, for brahminism was by now strong enough to lend a gotra name to the ruling chiefs of a tribe. g. Ghorpade, Amgre, Ghalage, of Maharastra. The 1921 Census listed a total of 515 Udumbara brahmins in the Panch Mahals and Kaira districts of Bombay.

9 He went from his native forest with the preceptor Virasarman as a brahmin student, to enter a charitable foundation (Ighatika) at the Pallava capital, Kanci. 8 The sabara lineage of the Panduvamsis, though admitted by DHI, p, 269, has been disputed — like almost any other detail of Indian history. The point is of little importance, when il is admitted that most such dynasties had an obscure, locaj, tribal origin. The Nalas seem much more likely to be Nisadas turned into Naisadhas (El, XXVIII), pp.

A forest tribe without doubt. The Iksvakus of southern kosala (Bilaspur and southern neighboui ing districts) would similarly claim descent from Rama, shedding their un doubtedly low origin with the help of brahmins who were ever willing to rewrite their own puranic records for such purposes. A recognized method whereby a sufficiently wealthy king might acquire the formal superiority of higher caste over his fellows was the hiranyagarbha rebirth ceremony described in the puranas and mentioned in royal inscriptions (IA, XIX, p.

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